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I hate to beg. I really, really do. But..

I’m being evicted from the house I’ve lived in for the past 10 years. I don’t blame the owners. I’ve been having unreal financial difficulties for the past six months and they’ve put up with enough. They can, and should, be able to get a lot more money than I've been paying in rent. And since I have a 2 hour each way commute to the only job I’ve been able to get (economy bad, my resume makes my age evident although I’m working on that…and other things) which pays $5 an hour less than the lowest pay I had for the past 20 years, moving closer to work seems wise anyway.

Trouble is, between the medical bills that I thought the county was paying for but apparently they aren’t, and the ones I thought insurance covered but apparently it doesn’t, and the IRS which wants money due to me having been married to a cheater and not divorcing him fast enough I have NO FUCKING MONEY to move.

I will have the IRS off my case in a few weeks, hopefully the medical collections are finite and due to end sooner rather than later. But I need money to move.

If anyone has any to spare, please PLEASE paypal me at I will pay people back as I can. I don’t like to beg. But I can’t be homeless. I’m too old (I’ll be 60 in June) to learn a whole new lifestyle and Faraday is too old to learn to sleep on anything that isn’t his favorite chair. Or my lap.

Again, I’m not asking for a handout. I will pay this money back. But I need it faster than I can pay off the collections!

I can at least offer fic at some point soon. It will involve food. Possibly sauerbraten.

Apropos of none of that.

While I was sleeping (okay, in bed awake) I accidentally became part owner of a food and other great things blog, Wonton Sluts. Come visit! We have phallic cookies, large pork, gluten free food porn, and some wonderful.quotes from some very offbeat friends.
Bobcat Goldthwait was behind the movie God Bless America. Who else would have done it?

On a mission to rid society of its most repellent citizens, terminally ill Frank makes an unlikely accomplice in 16-year-old Roxy.

It's available for instant viewing on Netflix. It may be necessary for me to view this. Not, however, in place of Warehouse 13...

Oh my dear DEAR f*cking Dog!

I thought this had gone away.

I'd HOPED this had gone away.

I'm not ashamed of writing old BSG fanfic. What does make me hang my head in embarrassment is that I wrote Galactica 1980 fanfic. What makes me feel horrified is that people remember it.

I need to start writing again. I have a little wiggle worm in my head saying it needs to be written. It's Captain America, for pity's sake. I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

And on that note my break is over so I shall return to my day to day drudgery. Love you all.

Or, y'know, like you or something.
I could go looking for the story; I wrote it three or four years ago.

Anyhow, I've found a book about him. I kid you not. (Pun only slightly intentional...)


My Hebrew is truly dreadful so I have no idea what this book is. But..look...a Jewish goat!

I've been gone for a while. Who knows if I'm really back. But I had to share Tsig's book.
Because 51stcenturyfox suggested it and because it was a good idea, herewith is my reaction post to Torchwood: Miracle Day episode 7.

This is of course rife with spoilers to here is a spoiler cut just for you.

This is going to be a bit of a rant about Torchwood and will contain spoilers for, lessee, ALL of Torchwood, up to and including the novels, the radio plays, and the most recent episode of Miracle Day, as well as about Doctor Who up to and including the most recent episodes.

So I guess I'll be a good person and put it way behind the sekrit wall...Collapse )
After going through the hell that is extended unemployment, I have raided my retirement fund. It is well worth it, to get me to Gallifrey One next week. I can't afford anything fancy but I will be there, possibly cosplaying Sarah Jane because I have the necessary parts and because I adore Lis Sladen. I will also be knitting with the folks I've met on Ravelry and rooming with 51stcenturyfox and xtricks and will have a good time GODS DAMMIT!

I have a request for someone who will be more mobile through LA. In Portland we can't get real bagels. The best we can get are the ones from Winco, and they're kind of like heavy bread. I realize the great world center of bagels is a toss up between New York and Montreal, although my sister swears the ones from some bakery in Natick, MA are the best she's ever had. (Don't worry about her, though. She was 15 last time she was in Boston...) But compared to Portland bagels, Los Angeles bagels are heavenly. If someone could pick me up a couple of good bagels from somewhere (I haven't been in LA other than to Gally in a long time so I can't suggest anyplace) I would be ever so grateful. I will bring either beer or wine (we do alcoholic beverages really well up here) to trade. Or I can just pay you money.

And before anyone mentions it...last year I tried a bagel from Starbucks. That was not a real bagel. I did not investigate the hotel's restaurants for bagels but I don't trust chain hotel bagels. Bagels at the Embassy Suites in Boca Raton, FL were sort of like Wonder bread with slightly thicker crust. Seriously. In BOCA!

If someone within the sight of my typing can help me out I would be oh, so grateful. And if there are any requests for Oregon beers or wines (if I can afford them) I'll be happy to pick some up, bearing in mind that it will be limited to whatever is at the Made in Oregon store inside security at PDX. They carry an awesome selection, however... And I'll go in on a bottle of Pimms with anyone who wants to split it. Pimms and Sierra Mist sounds pretty good....

I now return you to your regularly scheduled whatever you do, and I now return myself to watching al-Jazeera English (they're interviewing a scholarly sceptic....It's a little depressing.)

Primeval Fanfic. Yup, Moar Primeval fanfic.

Bad Moon on the Right
by Gypsylady
Pairing: Sarah/Becker
Rating: G
Warnings: character death
Spoilers for beginning of series 4

Summary: Becker is pretty adamant about no one going through the anomalies. This may be why.

Beta'd by some brilliant people but don't blame them for my errors if I ignored them. misswinterhill has never seen "Primeval" and still did a bang up job. Same with arkham4269. My "Primeval" beta is no longer on LJ, but she was argent93 and she is just as brilliant as ever.

Don’t own them. I’m just borrowing them for a very short time. I’m not all that sure who does own them but I think ITV and BBC take up most of its time. Believe me, if I owned them, this story would not have been necessary.
I need to point out that I am American. And, as I am the story teller, in exposition I use American spelling. I have tried to find and correct any inaccurate Americanisms in dialog but if I have missed any please feel free to let me know.

Follow the static cutCollapse )

Missing Child--Request for Signal Boost

There are a lot of missing children. This website has information about many of them. I learned of it through a tweet from Grant Wilson of "Ghost Hunters" fame. His cousin is one of the missing children.

Please boost the signal, for Chad Ray Stilson as well as for all the other missing children covered on the website.

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